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Updated Parts Sources

In the interest of helping everyone find some of the harder-to-find parts, here is a short list of parts and sources with the most recent updates. Please feel free to add to this post and provide other options.

1) Brake Rotor/Hub/Spindle
   A: The 2" Drop Spindles that allow the steering geometry and ride height to be correct can be found at

The Brake Rotor/Hub/Spindle (that is a typo and it should just be Brake Rotor/Hub) is the recommended rotor & hub assembly that goes onto the spindle. Go to the JEGs Website ( and enter 140-9917. You will get lots of options (black, red, polished calipers, drilled rotors, etc) to choose from. I like the red ones.

3) Steering rack
   The Flaming River FB1550 steering rack may not be the best choice due to the low ratio (1.5 turns lock-to-lock). At the very least, you want a 2+ turn Lock to lock unit that is as wide as possible (14" preferred, but 11" will not cause an issue with bump-steer). Several customers have sent me feedback on this and together we have identified something similar to mine at The Chassis Shop. Here is the link to the one I recommend from that site:

4) Front Shocks
    Dennis Kirk no longer seems to carry the A series/Pro lift set B10-G01 on their website. My best recommendation is a pair of Fox 2.0 Air Shocks from 4

You can find them other places as well, but not for less than $300 ($293.39). If you look at Offroad Engineering, they have more of a selection for a slightly higher price:

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